Tree Workshop for landowners to be held March 31

Homeowners and landowners in northeast Nebraska will have a chance to learn about landscaping techniques and how to select trees for their landscaping projects at an upcoming Tree Workshop on Thursday, March 31 at 5:30 p.m.  The workshop is being hosted by the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD) and the Nebraska Forest Service (NFS).  The workshop will be held in the Lifelong Learning Center, Suite B, on the campus of Northeast Community College in Norfolk.  The workshop will begin with landscaping ideas and selecting trees to plant followed by a question and answer session.

Steve Rasmussen, District Forester with NFS in Wayne, is moderating this workshop and he will be assisted by Graham Herbst, Community Forester Specialist with NFS in Omaha, and Pam Bergstrom, Forester with the LENRD in Norfolk.  Herbst will begin the evening with “Swiss Army Landscaping” – how to get more engaged with your landscape and get more out of your outdoor space;  sharing creative uses for your plants and materials that can bring new utility and enjoyment to your daily life.  A guest speaker from Earl May will discuss how to select the right trees for your landscape and the basics of purchasing the right tree at the nursery.

“Talk about an exciting evening,” Bergstrom said.  “The number of people who ask for assistance with landscaping is astonishing and this workshop will be geared towards helping them make the right choices for their area.  There will be before and after pictures of projects to help get creative ideas going and take the stress out of getting started with your own landscaping project.”  Bergstrom added, “When you have a group of people learning about a topic that intrigues them and 4 professionals available who are passionate about their careers, it will be a workshop you won’t want to miss.  The public can bring in their pictures and questions, or just listen to what others are asking about.  This is a great opportunity for the citizens of Northeast Nebraska.”

Those planning on attending this workshop are encouraged to bring a notebook as well as their tree questions and pictures of trees or landscaping ideas they have questions about.