LENRD to hold Open House Public Hearing regarding Drought Management Plan

The public is invited to an open house public hearing concerning the Drought Management Plan for this area.  The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD) will hold the hearing on Tuesday, November 21st from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Lifelong Learning Center on the campus of Northeast Community College in Norfolk.

The Drought Management Plan defines drought locally and identifies processes to respond to and manage the impacts of future drought events.  The open house public hearing will allow for public comment regarding the proposed integration of the Drought Management Plan into the LENRD’s Groundwater Management Plan.  The public is encouraged to spend as much or as little time as they like at the open house public hearing and it is important to note that written or oral comments carry equal weight in the decision-making process.  The hearing is the first in a multi-step decision process, and consideration of the adoption (or modification) of the proposed changes will be determined at a later date.

LENRD Assistant General Manager, Brian Bruckner, said, “If adopted, the integration of the goals and objectives of the Drought Management Plan into the Groundwater Management Plan, would allow the district to respond to the challenges of an acute drought situation.  The geographic area impacted by the modifications to the District’s Groundwater Management Plan is district-wide, all or parts of 15 counties in northeast Nebraska.”

LENRD General Manager, Mike Sousek, said, “The LENRD is taking proactive steps to reduce the impacts of future drought events.  One of these steps is the development of the Drought Management Plan.”  He continued, “We must ensure that we protect the water resources of all current users in the district because this is the law.  The protocol we are proposing for determining drought in the district is considered to be the most accurate method in the world.”

The full text of the proposed amendment is on page 105 of the Groundwater Management Plan, which is available at the LENRD office in Norfolk and on the district’s website.

Individuals with disabilities may request auxiliary aids and service necessary for participation by contacting the LENRD by November 14, 2017.  Testimony relevant to the purposes of the hearing may also be submitted in writing (prior to the close of the hearing) to the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resource District, 601 E. Benjamin Avenue, Suite 101, Norfolk, Nebraska 68701.

For more information on this planning effort, contact the LENRD at 402-371-7313 or lenrd@lenrd.org

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