Lower Elkhorn NRD Board votes to move office to new location

The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD) will soon have a new home.

LENRD Board Chairman, Dennis Schultz, said, “It wasn’t an easy decision to make because of the district’s longtime, strong partnership with Northeast Community College, but the need to be as fiscally responsible as possible is what led the board to approve the purchase of an office building at its Dec. 21 meeting.”

This means the district will be moving out of its offices in the Lifelong Learning Center on the campus of Northeast Community College, which has been its home since the center was constructed 20 years ago.

LENRD General Manager, Mike Sousek, said, “The LLC has been a great location for us to grow and expand our programs.  However, our lease with the college recently came up for review and the board felt savings to the taxpayer could be realized by relocating.”

The 14 board members present at the meeting voted unanimously to purchase the former Sterling Computer building at 1508 Square Turn Boulevard in Norfolk.  The cost for the office building is $1.2 million, with $954,000 already designated by the LENRD board in a sinking fund for the purchase.  The district will borrow $400,000 for a term of one year to complete the purchase.

Sousek said the new home for the LENRD offers several advantages that were important to board members.

“There’s room to expand at the new location.  With our increasing workload, this location will allow for future growth.  The new space has ample storage as well as a building for vehicles and equipment on-site,” Sousek added.  “More importantly, over the next 10 years the district will realize $500,000 in savings just in operation and maintenance costs by making this move.  In the end, the taxpayer will be the real winner with this change."

Sousek said the NRD staff is looking forward to making a smooth transition to the new facility while providing the same high-level of public service to the citizens of the district.

Sousek said he also wanted to thank Northeast Community College for serving as the district’s home for two decades.  He said, “We hope our move provides some new opportunities for the college in creating available space at the learning center for other potential partners.”