A reminder to irrigators in the Pierce & Madison County Phase 2 & 3 Areas

ATTENTION IRRIGATORS IN THE PIERCE & MADISON COUNTY PHASE 2 & 3 AREAS: Please remember to collect an irrigation water sample this summer. All wells in the Phase 2 Area must be sampled once every four years, and all wells in the Phase 3 Area must be sampled annually.

A groundwater management area was established in 1997 to protect our valuable groundwater resources. Testing your irrigation water for nitrate-nitrogen is a requirement in the Phase 2 & 3 Areas.

The Lower Elkhorn NRD provides FREE sampling kits, along with the cost of shipping and laboratory analysis. Sample bottles can be picked up at the LENRD office at 1508 Square Turn Boulevard in Norfolk. Please take advantage of these free testing programs! Call with any questions or concerns - 402-371-7313.

Please remember, you are responsible for ensuring that each of your wells get sampled this summer.

Irrigation water sampling.jpg