Water Studies

The LENRD is involved in various water studies to help the district better understand the water resources across our district and the state:

Lower Elkhorn River Basin Water Quality Management Plan

The Lower Elkhorn River Basin Water Quality Management Plan (the Plan) covers the lower portion of the Elkhorn River Basin, which is the watershed that created the boundary for the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD). The Plan provides a single coordinated strategy to identify water quality threats and needs, prioritize watersheds and areas for improvement, and identify practices and activities appropriate to address the known deficiencies in water quality. The Plan was funded through a grant received from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) and the LENRD.

The biggest priority for the LENRD was to address water quality concerns for the Willow Creek Reservoir. The Plan includes specific actions that would need to take place in order to reduce the occurrence of toxic algae blooms at the lake. Other waterbodies considered a priority for additional monitoring include Maskenthine Lake, Maple Creek Lake, and Rock Creek.

Please contact Kristie Olmer at 402-371-7313 or kolmer@lenrd.org for more information.