NeRAIN - Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network

Free Rain Gauges For NeRAIN Volunteers

The Lower Elkhorn NRD has received grant funding from the Nebraska Environmental Trust for the implementation of the NeRain program in the district.

NeRain is short for Nebraska Rainfall Assessment and Information Network. The goal of the program is to collect precipitation data from volunteers across the state.

Participants will receive a high quality rain gauge at no cost. Volunteers enter the data taken from those gauges onto a Department of Natural Resources web site on the Internet. The precipitation information is then immediately available to anyone with Internet access.

There are a number of uses for the precipitation data. The information can be used to create rainfall runoff models, to study groundwater recharge, and for crop-water use calculations. It can also be used to study storm events, for making flood and high water predictions, and for flood plain mapping.

The data can be used for agricultural purposes as well. Conservation agencies and crop consultants use the data to assist with irrigation scheduling and meeting a crop's water needs.

If you are interested in being an NeRain volunteer contact Brian at the LENRD office if you're interested in participating in the program. The only requirement is that you have internet access.