Tree Services

The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District provides the following services as a part of our Conservation Tree Program. You can order hand-plant seedlings, weed barrier, and the Wildlife Package by returning a printed order form with your payment.

Please call in with your order. Most species are sold out and inventory is very low. We can help you over the phone until next Friday, March 29th. Ask for Patty. Thanks!

Tree and Shrub Seedlings

  • Seedlings cost $22.00 for a bundle of 25

  • Each species must be ordered in lots of 25

Machine Planting Service

  • There is a charge of $0.55 / seedling

  • There is a minimum planting charge of $275.00 per project

  • Contact the LENRD Forester to design your tree planting plan. If you’re interested in CRP plantings, contact your local NRCS office.

Water Conservation Mulch

  • Competing with weeds for moisture and nutrients is one of the main causes of slow growth and death in new tree planting projects. Water Conservation Mulch can improve growth rates and survival by reducing the competition with weeds and grass. The LENRD offers an installation service for the mulch. Contact the LENRD Forester for more information on the mulch and designing a tree planting plan.

Weed Barrier Mats

  • Weed Barrier Mats cost $40.00 for a bundle of 25 mats.

  • Weed barrier mats must be ordered in lots of 25.

Wildlife Package — SOLD OUT!

  • This package is another option for landowners who want to diversify the trees and shrubs they plant, but do not need to purchase the full bundle of one species. In this package you will receive a bundle of 25 seedlings, 5 each of 5 different species for $22 plus tax: 5 Pin Cherry, 5 Buffaloberry, 5 Bur Oak, 5 Hansen Hedge Rose, and 5 Skunkbush Sumac.

Conservation Trees for Nebraska

  • Check out trees suited for conservation plantings in Nebraska, and download the mobile app for iOS or Android at