The Lower Elkhorn NRD is the local agency charged with managing and inspecting chemigation (the application of agrochemicals through an irrigation system). 

Flood Control

Flood control and sediment management projects allow the NRDs to reduce the threat of property damage, and loss of life, during floodwater runoff events.

Flow Meters

Flow meters are a beneficial tool to help manage water use.  The Lower Elkhorn NRD requires flow meters on all high capacity irrigation wells.

Monitoring Programs

The Lower Elkhorn NRD monitors a variety of factors relating to groundwater across the 15-county district. 

Irrigated Acre Certification

The Lower Elkhorn NRD is certifying all irrigated acres within the district to help protect water supplies and current irrigation rights. 

New Irrigation Development

Are you a landowner within the boundaries of the Lower Elkhorn NRD? Do you know if your land is located in the Hydrologically Connected Area or the Non-Hydrologically Connected Area of the district? Check our maps to find out.


Lower Elkhorn NRD is a sponsor of the NeRAIN program, which collects precipitation data from volunteers across the state.

Surface Water

Surface water supplies agricultural and industrial users, provides habitat for fish and wildlife and each year gives thousands of recreational users the opportunity to study nature, fish, hunt, swim, and enjoy other water sports.

Rural & Regional Water Systems

Rural Water Systems provide a clean, safe, source of water for domestic uses, homes, businesses, and livestock operations. 

Groundwater Management

The Lower Elkhorn NRD has established a groundwater management area to improve and protect groundwater quality in the district.

Water Studies

The LENRD is involved in various water studies to help the district better understand the water resources across our district and the state.

Well Sealing

Lower Elkhorn NRD offers cost-share assistance to seal abandoned wells. Up to 75% of the cost may be covered. 

Wellhead Protection Program

Lower Elkhorn NRD provides assistance to Public Water Suppliers by helping to develop wellhead protection plans and wellhead protection area management.

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