Chemigation Program

Farmers planning to chemigate during the 2019 growing season must renew chemigation permits by June 1 to meet state deadline requirements, according to LENRD Water Resources Coordinator, Josh Schnitzler.

Chemigation is the application of any chemical, fertilizer or pesticide through an irrigation system.  To legally chemigate in Nebraska, an operator must be certified to apply chemicals and obtain a chemigation permit from their local NRD.

An irrigation system that has not been renewed prior to the June 1 deadline cannot apply chemicals through the system until a new permit is obtained.  Chemigation renewal permits cost $20.  New chemigation permits cost $50, and the applicant cannot use the system until it passes a mandatory inspection.

Applicants must have a certified applicator's signature on the application form.  Schnitzler stated, "In order to be certified, a person must complete a chemigation safety course and pass an exam once every four years."

If chemigating is necessary, on short notice, emergency permits can be obtained at a cost of $250.  Irrigation systems meeting chemigation law standards will then be allowed to operate after two working days of application.

Approximately 1,974 chemigation permits were approved by the LENRD in 2018.  For more information contact Josh Schnitzler or Kathy Dohmen at the LENRD office. For general information on chemigation, see the links below.

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