Tree Services

LENRD offers a variety of low-cost trees and shrubs and related services. Return an order form to get your tree planting project started!

Windbreak Establishment

Whether you are putting in a new windbreak around your homestead, to protect your livestock, or to enhance wildlife habitat, the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District has a cost share program to help you with the cost of purchasing conservation grade trees, planting those trees, and also putting down the conservation weed barrier mulch. Do you need assistance with picking out the trees or shrubs and what spacing they should be at within the row?  No problem, the LENRD Forester or your local NRCS Office Staff are here to help you design and develop your windbreak.  Contact LENRD Forester, Pam Bergstrom at

Windbreak Renovation

Many windbreaks across Nebraska are worn out and are now more of an eye sore or hazard to the public.  With the Windbreak Renovation Program, funds and technical assistance are available to help landowners on deciding what part of the windbreak needs to be removed first, what should be planted in its place, and what the next phase of removal for the windbreak will be.  A forester must look at the old windbreak to approve it for renovation before any tree can be removed and in order for the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District to do the tree planting in the spring, the site must be cleaned up by December 31 of the previous year.  This means roots, stumps, and other foreign material must be taken off the site, burned and buried, so it does not cause problems with the tree planting process.  Contact LENRD Forester Pam Bergstrom at

Community Forestry

A guide for communities on Federal, State and Local Government cost-share programs that provide Assistance for community projects.