Walk in the Woods held in West Point

It was a beautiful day to get outside and learn about trees!  That’s what 130 fourth graders found out at the 10th Annual Walk in the Woods held on Wednesday, September 5th at the West Point City Park.  The event is usually held at Wilderness Park in West Point, but the recent rainfall made conditions there too wet.  The hands-on learning day was moved into town and focused on the importance of trees, wildlife, and prairie.  Students from West Point-Beemer Elementary, Guardian Angels Catholic School in West Point, St. Paul Lutheran School in West Point, and Wisner-Pilger Elementary attended the event.

Pam Bergstrom, Forester with the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD) said, “This experience gives students the opportunity to learn about trees and nature by observing and learning through their senses rather than just reading or being taught about it in a classroom.”

Steve Rasmussen, District Forester with the Nebraska Forest Service (NFS) said, “This continues to be a very good program to teach youth about our natural resources right in their backyard.  The students get physical education, science, history, and math all in one morning session.”

The Walk in the Woods event is sponsored by the Nebraska Forest Service, the Great Plains Society of American Foresters, and the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District.  Other presenters and volunteers included staff from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission.

Walk in the Woods4 - 2018.jpg